Four billion years ago? Really? Yeah, that’s where life began, some sludge pond. “Thinking themselves wise, they became fools”. This is as ridiculous as looking at a Lexus, and saying it evolved from a rock. It has the marks of a master craftsman all over it, just as the human body has the marks of a master designer all through it. And, I tell you this, if man is doing anything, if that is the rabbit hole you choose, he is devolving. Can you tell me that people are better than they were, even 300 years ago? Of course not. Are you telling me that we have evolved since the gas chambers of Auschwitz? I think not, you can not point to 56 million unborn babies slaughtered in the womb, and tell me that we have gotten better. Fact is, we are going straight downhill. But, the marvels of the human body have not changed. How do you explain a strand of DNA? To what do you compare the miracle of reproduction?