Four billion years ago? Really? Yeah, that’s where life began, some sludge pond. “Thinking themselves wise, they became fools”. This is as ridiculous as looking at a Lexus, and saying it evolved from a rock. It has the marks of a master craftsman all over it, just as the human body has the marks of a master designer all through it. And, I tell you this, if man is doing anything, if that is the rabbit hole you choose, he is devolving. Can you tell me that people are better than they were, even 300 years ago? Of course not. Are you telling me that we have evolved since the gas chambers of Auschwitz? I think not, you can not point to 56 million unborn babies slaughtered in the womb, and tell me that we have gotten better. Fact is, we are going straight downhill. But, the marvels of the human body have not changed. How do you explain a strand of DNA? To what do you compare the miracle of reproduction?

Amazon Prime launches new cashback perk

Amazon has recently offered a new cash back system what is great opportunity for all customers from amazon. Many people buy thousand products every day from amazon and they can get chance to get back a good amount from the purchase. This offer is related with the Amazon Prime. From the amazon, you have chance to get some offers but saving money is the best opportunity. Customers from amazon will get 2% cash back offer from the purchase by the debit card and it is very easy for them to get back some cash with the product. They also get several benefits from the purchase.

All Amazon buyers have numerous selections for reimbursing for products. In the “Amazon Wallet” section of your account, you can choose from a credit card, debit card, gift card, store card or linking a inspection account. To use Prime Reload, you would need to choice the Amazon Gift Card selection for the purchase. To set up this service, you will need to give your bank account number and routing number, your debit card number, as well as your driver’s license number. These numbers are important, if you don’t know what is routing number click the link “routing number“. When the time comes to reload your gift card’s balance, be certain to select the 2 percent loots option which is 192.168.01.

Amazon said the most rewards will be additional to the gift card balance within 5 minutes of adding more funds. However, some reloads may take more time what can go up to four hours if the transaction needs to be studied. By giving all information like your debit card and account number, Amazon said that reloads are faster and review becomes easier and faster. Prime reload cannot be used in combination with the Amazon.com Store Card or the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card. The Visa card gives 5 percent back on Amazon.com procurements, 2% back at restaurants, gas stations and drugstores, 1 percent on rest of the purchase.